Discovering ERP:
Solving Department Issues Using the Triad Model

Solving Department Issues Using the Triad Model

To be an effective manager, you must understand and accept these conflicts in order to have compassion for your fellow managers and design effective action.”

What's this about?

Business owners, employees, customers. They all relate to a business in different ways, and they all have different needs. So, how you do make sure that these competing needs are balanced? This is a challenge for any organization, and one in which will address in this webinar. 

You will learn to connect strategic but often conflicting initiatives within the operations of your business. We will discuss how to align strategy and tactics throughout your organization to support simultaneous improvement in all areas, to create value for all stakeholders. By understanding the perspectives of the different stakeholders of your organization, you can make sure that their competing needs are balanced rather than simply creating localized improvements in one area without concern for the others.

Who is this designed for?

  • System Designers
  • Business System Analysts
  • ... and anyone implementing ERP.

Prerequisite:  None, but you can review our previous webinar, Understanding Manufacturing Control Systems for some helpful background information. Fill out the form for access to the recording. 


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