Expand Your Workforce Capacity

Live Product tour of KnowledgeSync Event Manager

Request a live one-on-one demonstration so you can see first hand how KnowledgeSync Event Manager can make your MAX data more actionable and help you amplify efficiencies across your entire business.

As you'll see, KnowledgeSync Event Manager adds the following to MAX:

  • Real-time business activity monitoring. Analyze the content of incoming email messages and form submissions to determine who the message is coming from, what it's about and how it needs to be handled by your organization. 
  • Automated action triggers based on events. KnowledgeSync Event Manager allows your business to become more responsive by automatically triggering a workflow or distributing information and documents based on specific actions.
  • Intelligent custom alerts. Generate and deliver forms, documents and reports to the appropriate recipients via email, fax, FTP, hyperlink, Skype, Twitter and Instant Message.
  • Exception management. KnowledgeSync Event Manager finds errors, omissions and inconsistencies in everyday activities and notifies you as soon as things go wrong, helping you to avoid compounded issues in the future.

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