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Understanding Manufacturing Environments

[Previously Recorded Webinar] Understanding Manufacturing Environments

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Description:  This session presents fundamental concepts to help you learn how to assess the manufacturing environment.  These concepts are applicable to all Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Being able to assess the manufacturing environment is vitally important for selecting the correct operational tactics to employ in an ERP implementation. 

Learn how Manufacturing Control System (MCS) tactics change 
according to the operating environment of the organization.

We'll introduce the three primary manufacturing environments: Make to Stock, Assemble to Order and Make to Order.  We'll begin by defining why these environments are what they are, and who makes the declaration. We'll then continue with the key operating differences for each environment.  The session will ultimately explain why standard practices or tactics that are effective in one manufacturing organization will fail miserably in another, even when making a similar product.

Prior to digging into Understanding Manufacturing Environments, it's important that you understand the basics of the Manufacturing Control Systems (MCS).  Learn the basics by reviewing our webinar on that.


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