Manufacturing Control Systems

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You'll want to attend this session if you're interested in learning about the APICS Manufacturing Control Systems (MCS) model upon which Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are based. The main components of the model are then reviewed, including:

  • Time horizons and levels of detail.
  • The roles of material and capacity planning.
  • Planning vs. execution.
  • Descriptions of the 9 major functional areas  of the MCS model – most of which are MAX modules.

Who Should Participate:

This session presents fundamental distinctions that are a MUST know for those implementing ERP, System Designers, and Business System Analysts.

After attending this session, you should be able to describe the fundamental model to a colleague, specify where your role fits and how it affects other roles. Because of the widespread application of these concepts, this session produces a lot of power in the student. Many people that have attended this session claim to have an increased understanding of why ERP (and specifically MAX) is structured and operates the way it does.

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