Keys to ERP: An Inside Look at Manufacturing Operations

Here at MAX, we’ve found that our most successful power-users have something in common: they base their ERP strategy on a few key foundational manufacturing operations principles.

For a system that truly moves with you, configure your ERP system around the following:

  • Your MCS (Manufacturing Control System)
  • Your Manufacturing Environment
  • Your unique SCM (Supply Chain Management) strategy

Download the eBook for an in-depth look at these essential “Keys to ERP.” Whether you use MAX, another ERP system, or are still using spreadsheets to manage your manufacturing processes; this eBook will help you to align your manufacturing operations strategies with the system(s) you use to execute those strategies.

As a BONUS! Inside the eBook, we’ve included a final chapter all about ERP for manufacturing. Learn the 11 core elements of ERP, and how ERP keeps your shop floor running smoothly.

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