Seamlessly Integrate Accounting with Operations

Your guide to integrating ERP with Quickbooks 


Download your FREE copy of the "Manufacturing Solution Buyer’s Guide for QuickBooks Users" today and get on your way to a more efficient and effective business operation.

This valuable guide covers why integration between your Intuit QuickBooks accounting solution and your new manufacturing solution is so critical to the long-term success of your business. An excerpt from the guide is below:


An ERP solution will help you control one of your biggest costs…inventory. Trying to understand what parts are needed, in what quantities and when can be a significant challenge—especially if you need to track lot and serial numbers or manage shelf life and expiration dates.

The right manufacturing solution will give you the visibility you need to make good business decisions, increase accuracy and reduce overhead. You should be able to track and maintain inventory balances for each part you stock, including finished goods, assemblies, component parts and raw materials, and improve your on-hand as well as inventory turnover visibility.

— From the "Manufacturing Solution Buyer's Guide for QuickBooks Users"


About MAX

MAX ERP software helps growing manufacturers reduce the cost of manufacturing, automate manufacturing compliance, and improve profitability, while enhancing customer service and satisfaction. MAX is seamlessly integrated to QuickBooks to bring full ERP to manufacturing companies that are using QuickBooks to manage accounting. MAX is strong in regulated environments and successfully supports many companies that must deal with the reality of regulatory requirements.