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Are you efficiently utilizing ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions are ubiquitous in today's manufacturing organizations. In fact, 97% of "leaders" in the manufacturing industry have implemented an ERP solution in addition to 88% of "followers," according to the Aberdeen Group.  

Leading manufacturers are:

  • 1.9x as likely to have standardized procedures for production planning and execution
  • 79% more likely to be able to plan and forecast for demand
  • 43% more likely to be able to schedule preventative maintenance of assets
  • 2.3x as likely to be able to share and integrate data with extended enterprise
  • 84% more likely to have real-time access to inventory of raw materials, WIP, parts, and tools


Want to learn more? Download the Aberdeen Group's full report, Creating a Modern, Effective Manufacturing Environment with ERP.


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