eBook: The Complete Guide to ERP

Everything A Manufacturing Professional Needs To Know About Enterprise Resource Planning

As one of the longest standing ERP vendors, the fundamentals of ERP seem second nature to us at MAX. It isn’t until we’re posed with questions like, “what actually is ERP?” or, “how do I know if my manufacturing company would benefit from ERP?” that we’re reminded of how complex (and even intimidating) ERP can be to someone who’s new to the topic. A quick Google search doesn’t fully answer these questions either, which is what prompted us to write this eBook.

In The Complete Guide to ERP, you’ll learn:

  • What is ERP? - An overview, brief history, and list of ERP terms and definitions
  • Who should use ERP? - Industries, manufacturing models, and company sizes that benefit most from implementing ERP
  • Benefits of implementing ERP - Top benefits of implementing ERP
  • How is ERP implemented? - Steps for implementing, key things to know about the process, and establishing an implementation team
  • Selecting the right ERP system - Everything you need to know to get ERP right the first time
  • How to demonstrate the ROI of an ERP initiative and assess the positives and negatives of different pricing and deployment options so you can build a strong business case.
… and other ERP knowledge essentials.

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